Sarawak Creamy


White pepper is produced by retting harvested berries in water. The quality of water used in the soaking process produces white pepper with distinctly different textures, colours and aromas.


Sarawak’s advanced white pepper production process comes from clean running mountain water that is piped to soaking tanks or ponds where berries are soaked under controlled conditions. The constant monitoring of water circulation and high quality berries used at every stage of the soaking process produces white pepper of the highest quality.


Premium grade white pepper has a uniform creamy feel and ivory-white look.

Production Stage

Hand-picking selected spikes of matured berries

Step 1

De-spiking (separating berris from their stalks)

Step 2

Soaking in tanks or ponds in clean circulating water

Step 3

Repeated washing of rotted berries to remove their pericarp

Step 4

Immediate sun-drying of berries of between 3-4 days

Step 5

Sieving of undersized berries using a 4mm sieve

Step 6

Colour sorting to remove dark/grey berries

Step 7
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