Sarawak Laksa



  • 750ml chicken broth
  • 1 packet of Saraspice Sarawak Laksa Paste 150g
  • 150ml coconut milk


  • 2 chicken breasts (poach for 5-7 minutes or until cooked)
  • Remove chicken and cool before shredding with a fork
  • 10 whole prawns; cook in boiling water for 3-6 minutes until they turn pink. Peel and devein the prawns. You may reserve the heads and shells to add when boiling the laksa broth
  • 300gm rice vermicelli; soak according to packet instructions. Then blanch for 1 minute and drain
  • Prepared omelette (2 eggs beaten)
  • 300g beansprouts (blanch for 30 seconds)
  • Lime
  • Sambal belacan

Cooking Method

To make the soup

  1. Put in 1 packet of Saraspice Sarawak Laksa Paste 150g to 750ml of boiling chicken broth and cook for 30 minutes, or for 1 hour if stronger aroma of spices is preferred. (For convenience, use chicken stock to prepare the broth).
  2. Strain the soup to remove excess residue and top it back with water to 750ml.
  3. Add in salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate MSG (optional) to taste. Make sure soup tastes salty as compared to a normal dining soup because the blanched vermicelli will collect excess water. Pour in slowly 125-150ml of coconut milk and stir constantly to avoid curdling

To assemble dish

  1. Place blanched vermicelli in a bowl.
  2. Top it with some shredded chicken meat, stripped omelette, beansprouts, prawns and slowly pour in the hot soup.
  3. Optional to serve with a bit of sambal belacan and lime as dip.

To make sambal belacan


  • 8 dry chilies (medium size)
  • 4 shallots
  • 7 cloves
  • 50g of belachan
  • 50ml water

Preparation of paste

  1. Wash all the ingredients.
  2. Grind all the ingredients in a blender.
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