Safety, Health Policy and Quality

SaraSpice Sdn Bhd recognizes that the most important asset is our farmers and our priority lies with producing high-quality and safe ingredients, cultivated following Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) standards to ensure food safe ingredients are delivered.  SaraSpice is also committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, farmers and contractors. 

For our farmers, SaraSpice field officers to monitor on-farm working conditions and if found any discriminatory practices, the farmers are directly removed from the list.


To ensure all raw materials are sourced whole, inspected and tested on arrival, cleaned and (hand) sorted in order to guarantee the purity of the materials we supply.


To extend programs for both farmers and production officers in order to control the level of pesticides, allergens and foreign matter contamination.


To ensure all the required certificates compliance with international and national laws and regulations regarding food safety of our production are in place.


To ensure our packaging delivers against key performance criteria, which is the product protection, consumer safety, ease of use, and communication of safety and use information to consumers.


For our workers, Saraspice to provide workers with safe working methods, work areas and premises thereby reducing the risk of injuries, accidents, ill-health and damages to properties.


To maintain information systems of legislation, codes of practice, and technical developments of our operations and safety and health objectives.


To safeguard our workers from foreseeable hazards in the existing process and work system and in the introduction of new substances, machineries, equipment, processes or premises. 


To train and to instruct all our workers to be aware of their own responsibilities in respect of safety and health.


To achieve by means of joint consultations, the effective cooperation and involvement of all workers in achieving our safety and health objectives through the establishment of effective safety committee.


To maintain proper measures for fire protection and firefighting and system of evacuation in the event of an emergency.


To provide appropriate medical and first aid facilities to safeguard the health and welfare of our workers.


To maintain statistical data to allow safety and health program to be monitored.

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